Program for family businesses

With more than 20 years of experience of advising foreign owner managed businesses PKGT is ideally placed to advise on succession planning….

……… and realisation of an exit strategy. We have developed a framework of potential issues which need to be addressed if the business is to survive the transition of management from the founder to successors, be they family members, employees or indeed outside managers. Cultural issues can play a significant role as the business moves from a “home jurisdiction” mentality to being more and more “Polish”. In particular the management style will need to change.

The list of issues outlined below is not exhaustive and not all issues will be relevant to a particular entity. At PKGT we can undertake a “hand holding” exercise starting with an assessment of the current position, identifying problem areas, looking at possible solutions and helping the client with implementation. As ever the role of the consultant is primarily to help the owner manager take an impassioned view of the business they have built up over a number of years and to share with the client experiences gained across a wide range of owner managed businesses.

In the course of an initial consultation our consultants will be able to identify those issues relevant to the individual client and will formulate a strategy for resolution.

The following list is not exhaustive and not all factors will be a problem to any individual business:


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