Polish elections – early results

At the start I must state that although the UK system of first past the post has its disadvantages it at least you know whom (as a person) you are voting for. Having voted yesterday in the Polish elections I must say I am totally confused.

One was faced with 12 typewritten pages of candidates with no way of knowing who they are, what they personally (as opposed to their parties line) actually think nor what chance they have of gaining a seat in Parliament. So very little to go on in order to indulge in tactical voting. That is voting for the person who is most likely to defeat the candidate/ party you absolutely do NOT want in power. Or voting for the person who will best represent local interests at the national level. Without divulging which party list I actually voted for, being a firm champion of the underdog, I voted for the last listed candidate of my chosen party. Also because he was the ONLY candiadate amongst the more than 300!! I could have voted for who bothered to send an electoral statement and whom I know lives locally.

Anyway the exit polls suggest that PiS will have a small overall majority. So they can’t change the Constitution but will most probably enforce their view of the World and Poland’s place in it. Given that some 50% bothered to vote and the latest exit shows PiS at some 38% of those who voted we have the situation where less than 20% of the population will have decided which way the country should go. With Europe and the European project at a turning point and close to cricis a major European nation will be represented by a small minority of views.

Anyway just to highlight the absurd election system each 1% of the vote cast for a particular party will have given a completely different number of seats dependant upon the party:

PiS 6.03 MP’s

PO 5.77 MP’s

Kukiz 4.72 MP’s

Petru 3.77 MP’s

PSL 3.27 MP’s

And this is called proportional representation. I don’t think so. And your vote has very little chance of electing the one individual you would want to represent you, the order on the list having been decided by a committee at the relevant party head office!

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Program for family businesses

With more than 20 years of experience of advising foreign owner managed businesses PKGT is ideally placed to advise on succession planning….

……… and realisation of an exit strategy. We have developed a framework of potential issues which need to be addressed if the business is to survive the transition of management from the founder to successors, be they family members, employees or indeed outside managers. Cultural issues can play a significant role as the business moves from a “home jurisdiction” mentality to being more and more “Polish”. In particular the management style will need to change.

The list of issues outlined below is not exhaustive and not all issues will be relevant to a particular entity. At PKGT we can undertake a “hand holding” exercise starting with an assessment of the current position, identifying problem areas, looking at possible solutions and helping the client with implementation. As ever the role of the consultant is primarily to help the owner manager take an impassioned view of the business they have built up over a number of years and to share with the client experiences gained across a wide range of owner managed businesses.

In the course of an initial consultation our consultants will be able to identify those issues relevant to the individual client and will formulate a strategy for resolution.

The following list is not exhaustive and not all factors will be a problem to any individual business:


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